What Do We Do


Conceive, plan and execute effective and innovative activation and engagement opportunities at schools, all across India, to help “Add Value to Education”

Create opportunities such that they can be integrated into a schools primary objective of providing education and thus build a lasting impression and relationship between the brand and school.

SCHOOL PLUS is our initiative that has been born form our experience of working with schools across India for the past 20 years. We have organized more than 10,000 competitions and contests and more than 25,00,000 students have participated in our events.



and strategies

Brands need to reach out to students effectively.

We help plan a feasible and effective strategy.



With our contact with schools, We ensure that the brand reaches the students and schools as planned.



The students today are moving at an amazing pace. Innovation is the only way to keep up.



Effective executions is what makes an idea click.  We ensure that the  execution is just right !

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